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About Us

Mission Statement

Inspiring life-long learners with the confidence to achieve their potential.

Learning Ethos

At West Witney Primary School we aim to provide a personalised education which brings out the best in every child, builds on their strengths and enables them to develop a life-long love of learning.

We ensure that all learning is taught enthusiastically through a range of real and creative experiences, taking into account individual learning styles.  We believe that motivation for learning is promoted through a child centred approach, which celebrates the success and achievement of all. We work with the children in a safe environment teaching them the skills required to build positive relationships with others. Children are taught how to collaborate and work as part of an effective team so that they grow into confident citizens valued for the contribution they make to society.


Values education underpins our work in school.  The school’s core values form the basis of the way we are in school.  The values are evident in the way people relate to each, other children and all adults, and through the curriculum, assessment and celebrations of our achievements.  They are directly taught through assembly, PSHCE and circle time.

If a child has a disability they will be treated no less favourably than other children. We will make reasonable adjustments to ensure that pupils with disabilities are not placed at a substantial disadvantage. Our accessibility plan describes the arrangements we have already made and the further proposals planned to improve physical access to the school.